2017 Registration Form

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Payment Required Please select one of the following payment options.

If you would like to pay an additional amount on your deposit at this time please specify the amount you would like to add. Your additional amount and $100 non-refundable deposit will be deducted from the full registration to determine your remaining balance. $


Transportation With Institute Staff

Our policy is that enrolled students should never leave the Gustavus campus unless accompanied by an Institute Staff memeber. As part of our enrichment program, staff members will sometimes arrange local trips for students.

Your signature below indicates your permission for your child to be transported in a fleet vehicle or private automobile driven by a staff member within an 80 mile radius.

Permission to Leave Campus

We take our responsility for enrolled students very seriously. We foresee no reason for any student to leave campus without the supervision of a staff member. If, however, there is a specific reason (such as visiting a relative) for the student to leave campus, please indicate below. We cannot honor blanket permissions.

Please include destination address, purpose, time departing, and times returning. You can specify multiple trips.

Vehicle Information

If you plan on brining your own vehicle, we need to know. We must insist that students not use their vehicles during the duration of the camp. Failure to comply with this rule will be considered a serious breach of the camp's rules and may be grounds for the student being asked to leave the camp.

General Liability Waiver

Though Gustavus makes every effort to ensure the saftey & supervision of students attending a Gustavus Summer Academic Program, participants must abide by Gustavus rules and regulations. Gustavus will not accept responsibility for actions or injuries to or by students incurred while violating Gustavus rules and regulation, or local, state, or federal laws.

Medical Information

Photo Release

Gustavus Adolphus College Summer Academic Programs, in conjunction with the College, would like to use pictures taken during the camp in future publicity materials. In order to do so, we need consent.

Airport Transportation Information

Arrangements can be made with Land-to-Air, Mankato or 507-625-3977. Gustavus is one of the Land to Air drop off sites.

You will be charged .