Weekly Meditation

March 18, 2014 at 78 p.m.Calendar Icon

TimeMarch 18, 2014 at 78 p.m.

Gustavus Meditation holds weekly meditation sessions every Tuesday evening at 7pm in the Interfaith Space.

A Sri Lankan monk comes in and guides us through breathing meditation techniques aimed at acquiring a level of introspection by recognizing patterns of thought and challenging us to not involve ourselves with the everyday emotions and reactions that often come to control our lives.

Furthermore, these weekly meetings provide an opportunity for students to leave all their stressors and obligations behind for an hour as they take a moment to center themselves, regulate emotions, and develop invaluable tools to improve upon their well-being.

There are strong elements of Buddhism in the lectures, but anyone is perfectly welcome to join us as we practice cultivating mindfulness in all that we do.

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