Title and Deed by Will Eno

May 17, 2019 at 810 p.m.

TimeMay 17, 2019 at 810 p.m.

Title and Deed
By Will Eno
Directed by Henry MacCarthy
May 17-18 at 8:00pm | May 19 at 2:00pm
Anderson Theatre

From Pulitzer Prize finalist and Horton Foote Prize winner Will Eno, Title and Deed is a haunting exploration of what it means to exist between home and away. A brutally honest and devastatingly funny story of someone from somewhere else.

"The marvel of Mr. Eno's voice is how naturally it combines a carefully sculptured lyricism with sly, poker-faced humor. Everyday phrases and familiar platitudes — ‘Don't ever change,' ‘Who knows' — are turned inside out or twisted into blunt, unexpected punch lines punctuating long rhapsodic passages that leave you happily word-drunk." New York Times

Tickets are available two weeks prior to opening at gustavustickets.com or (507) 933-7590.

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