The 2012 Theatre Gallery -- The Edge of Our Bodies & At RiskNovember 17, 2012 at 710 p.m.

Time: November 17, 2012 at 710 p.m.
TicketsAvailable online at or by calling 507-933-7598

The Edge of Our Bodies,written by Adam Rapp & directed by Amy Seham, features Karla Leitzmann '13 in this one-person show. In this new play, we are forced to examine what it really means to grow up. We meet 16-year-old Bernadette as she rides the train to New York to share a secret with her boyfriend. As an audience, we are immediately pulled into her story of fear, passion, and loneliness. As her story enfolds, we watch Bernadette grow up and hopefully, in doing so, remember the times when our own perceptions and feelings suddenly shifted from the realm of child like adolescent to emerging adult.

At Risk,is written by senior Julia Tindell and directed by junior Kaitlyn McElrath,

All the world's a stage and Sam's innermost thoughts and desires are the players. As they prepare for an appointment that could change the course of their life they find that their dreams are getting in the way of evaluating the risks. Featuring Shakespearean cameos, dead baby jokes, and one incredibly active imagination, At Risk is an original one act play that asks the question: is it possible to preserve your "self ewhen everyone else has decided you're abnormal?

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