Speaker Steve ThompsonApril 30, 2009 at 78:30 p.m.

Time: April 30, 2009 at 78:30 p.m.
Location:Alumni Hall

As part of sexual assault awareness month Steve Thompson, author of No More Fear, will speak on campus. He has been a national figure on the subject of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and stalking, for several years. The success and popularity of his programs is unparalleled. As a graduate student, and martial arts instructor at Indiana University, Thompson focused his education towards psychology and the study of human movement.

In the spring of his second year, a rapist assaulted and terrorized several women on campus. This prompted intense public pressure on the university to educate the public in assault avoidance. As a black belt, Thompson was called upon to be the educator. Knowing little of the dynamics of rape, he still agreed to teach.

Two months after the sexual assault avoidance program began, a student of Thompson's was raped. When he arrived at the hospital to see her, the only words she could utter were, "I did what you taught me to do, why didn't it work?" The emotional impact of that moment changed the course of his life.

Since then he devoted himself to studying the whys and hows of sexual aggression. He has conducted countless interviews in prisons with convicted rapists, and talked with police officers, psychologists, doctors, and thousands of survivors throughout the country.

Because of his ongoing experiences on "the street," Thompson provides unparalleled, in-depth information on the realities of sexual aggression. Thompson's passion and determination are reflected in his dynamic presentations.