Session 5, "The Changing Religious Landscape in the U.S." - Exploring Religious Questions Minicourse

March 4, 2013 at 79 p.m.Calendar Icon

TimeMarch 4, 2013 at 79 p.m.
LocationOlin 103

The 10th mini-course wraps up with our concluding session, "Differing Views of Christianity and Economic Justice," presented by Dr. Darrell Jodock. Recent discussions of jobs, taxes, and the economy have revealed differing perceptions of society and the role of government. What have the churches had to say about these issues? The 1980s statement by the Roman Catholic Bishops, Economic Justice for All, represents an outlook fairly typical of the mainline churches. Spokespersons on the "religious right ehave had a different view. This prompts a number of questions. For example, how are individual freedom and social justice to be understood? Can churches work for justice without demonizing? Can they support the dignity of individuals without baptizing an economic ideology?

This adult education mini-course has been offered in 5 sessions. Advance registration is necessary due to limited space available, and a fee is charged. In case of cancellation due to winter storms, we will attempt to contact registrants by phone and e-mail. (Snow date, if necessary, will be March 11.)

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