Prairie View on GReg (Monday am)March 14, 2005

Time: March 14, 2005

Prairie View moved to GReg this morning (Monday).

The registration process is going smoothly - so far. If you take calls, and don't know the answers - ask Nick, Kathy, Tami or Ethan.

When users launch a web browser they are re-directed to the registration process. If they passed the old scan, they will probably pass this scan.

IP Info
Unregistered ip range: 10.1.*.*
Registered ip range: 138.236.2.* (Prairie View test) 138.236.224-225.* (after test)
Quarantined ip range: 192.168.*.*

Roll-Out Schedule:
March 14 - Prairie View
April 3 - rest of Res-Net
Summer - rest of campus.

What if people want to send feedback? Email

Questions - please talk to Ethan.

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