Announcement: Parking Lots Closed for Cleaning Tonight


Please be advised of the parking lot closing schedule for cleaning tonight.

Lots CLOSED from 5:00 p.m. Thurs., March 31 until Fri., April 1 at 4:00am

Nobel Lot (west of Nobel)
Heating Plant Lot (east of Heating Plant)
Rundstrom Lot
Sohre/Wahlstrom Lot
College View Lot
Bjorling Lot (west of Bjorling/south of Prairie View)
Arbor View Apartments Lot
Pittman Lot
Chapel View Townhomes Lot

Normal red and green permit parking enforcement is in effect during Spring Break, please park according to permit color 7am-5pm and move any vehicles from the lots closed for cleaning before 5pm. Visitor parking is closed to students and employees at all times and requires a visitor permit 2am-7am.