Nobel Conference Reading Group: Joerg Rieger's "No Rising Tide"May 5, 2016 at 89 p.m.

TimeMay 5, 2016 at 89 p.m.

In preparation for the upcoming Nobel Conference (September 27-28, 2016), "In Search of Economic Balance e Chaplain Brian Konkol will host a student reading group to explore "No Rising Tide: Theology, Economics, and the Future e written by Dr. Joerg Rieger, one of the Nobel Conference presenters.

A description of the text is as follows:

Even though economic downturns are still followed by upturns, fewer people benefit from them. As a result, economic crisis is an everyday reality that permanently affects all levels of our lives. The logic of downturn, developed in this book, helps make sense of what is going on, as the economy shapes us more deeply than we had ever realized, not only our finances and our work, but also our relationships, our thinking, and even our hopes and desires. Religion is one arena shaped by economics and thus part of the problem but, as Joerg Rieger shows, it might also hold one of the keys for providing alternatives, since it points to energies for transformation and justice. Rieger's hopeful perspective unfolds in stark contrast to an economy and a religion that thrive on mounting inequality and differences of class.

All students interested in participating in this reading group may contact Chaplain Brian Konkol at or 507-933-7450. Free copies of the text will be provided.

The 2016 Nobel Conference: "In Search of Economic Balance" brings distinguished leaders from around the world to help us understand some of the challenges facing real world implementation of economic theories. Tickets for the 2016 Nobel Conference can be purchased at:

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