Nobel ConferenceOctober 5, 2011

Time: October 5, 2011

The 47th Nobel Conference, The Brain and Being Human, is a recognition that the time has come to bring together the leading minds and to engage them in conversations about where this frontier of science takes us. What influences our choices, beliefs and social needs, why do music and art move us, how might new bioengineered tools that help us move and communicate change how we interact with the world? At the heart of these questions is the importance of emotion to the well being of individuals and how the brains of patients with mood and social disorders differ from others. Underlying all of these issues is the ethical dimension: If we can peer into the mind, then how do we confront this power? As we start this conversation we will begin to build a scientific bridge between the mind and society. This conference will reveal both the intricate complexity and the unifying mechanisms underlying human behavior and lay out a path for future exploration.

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