New AIM "Virus" - Isn't Really a Virus

February 13, 2004Calendar Icon

Description There is anew problem with AOL Instant Messenger. Many users are complaining that they are receiving an unsolicited link from users in their buddy list. It isn't technically a virus - it is an application that gets installed when you install some other program - it is piggybacked to another program. It is even mentioned that they will do this if you read the fine print in the software agreement. The piggybacked application then sends the link to everyone in your buddy list.
CNN Post with more info.
We have blocked the traffic at the firewall for requesting and downloading the infecting software.
I'll work on removal directions - coming soon.
If people call - they should not click on the link and they shouldn't install the software! Put them in the database and as we find additional info we'll send it out.
ContactTami Aune
PostedApr 17, 2019