Mailserver, Email, Quota and Archived Mail Issues

May 5, 2006Calendar Icon

TimeMay 5, 2006

Yesterday (May4th) a user on campus sent a very large (25 mb) email message to hundreds of users on campus. This message has caused multiple problems for you to be aware of:

  • Slow mailserver response due to load - yesterday and today.
  • Many people are now over quota - the message may be in their inbox, trash or archived-mail directory. Use the GTS Tools page to check where the problem lies.
  • 160 users had their inboxes archived because the size of their inbox was over 50 Mb. For a list of these users see the Helpline Wiki page. You may have to help people find their Archived-Mail mailboxes. Please note that normally we have about 5 people who are archived each night.

Please be as polite as possible when describing theses issues to people. WE DO ANTICIPATE LOTS OF CALLS.

ContactTami Aune
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