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We have had some calls from Macintosh users having issues with web browsing on Gustavus pages. Please be aware of the following situations:

OS 9.x Users
Older browsers are having issues loading some Gustavus pages. IE for the Mac is no longer supported by Microsoft and these versions don't load the Gustavus pages very well. Users may not be able to see the WebMail entry port or the WebAdvisor entry port on our home page or on-campus pages. They may not be able to view any of the new features on the Athletics pages.

Solution - Ask them to download and use Netscape 7.0 for PowerPC. Available from the site - Netscape 7.0 for PowerPC Download.
If these machines are college owned - we need to get them on our replacement list. Put a case in the database and we'll work on getting them updated.

OS 10 Users
OS 10 users who are using Internet Explorer are also experiencing issues and problems. The problems are related to WebAdvisor/Datatel - they are unable to access WebAdvisor through the "normal" entry ports, and they are required to use IE for WebAdvisor. It is the entry port that doesn't work - once they are in - things work. So - if we can get them to the right page - then they shouldn't have any problems.

Solution - Jeremy set up some forwards to help with navigation -

Also please let any OS X users know that FireFox is our preferred web browser for things other than WebAdvisor.

If you have questions or concerns, please ask.

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