Laughter, Flourishing, and Spirital LifeOctober 23 at 79 p.m.

TimeOctober 23 at 79 p.m.

Most people have a hunch that laughter and humor are related to well-being. After all, we often hear the phrase, “laughter is the best medicine.” What is perhaps less well-known is that religious traditions have long noted the positive benefits of laughter and joy for mental, physical, and spiritual life, and today an ever-increasing number of scientific studies are focused on the significance of laughter and humor for health and well-being. In this series, religious scholars and social scientists explore multiple aspects of how and why laughter can nurture the spirit and cultivate human flourishing.

“Holy Hilarity: Humor in the Biblical Court Tales”

Speaker: Dr. Michael Chan

Chan is the Executive Director for Faith and Learning at Concordia College (Moorhead, MN). 

PostedSep 29, 2023