Announcement: International Education Photo Contest Winners Announced

Description Thanks to all who participated in the contest. Winners' and honorable mentions' entries will be displayed in the campus center Nov. 12 - Feb. 9. Photo Contest Calendars will be available in the the Office of International Education after Thanksgiving. Here are the winners: Student Choice Popular Vote: Julia Wold. Human Interest 1st place: Veronica Taylor. Human Interest 2nd place: Courtney Covey. Human Interest 3rd place: Nicholas Stramp. Landscape 1st place: Tegan Twait. Landscape 2nd place: Brigette Peterson. Landscape 3rd place: Stacie Handahl. International Education Popular Vote: Britta Sundeen. Human Interest 1st place: Ben Wagner. Human Interest 2nd place: Andrew Tilman. Landscape 1st place: Michael Sielaff. Landscape 2nd place: Brittany Oslund.
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PostedApr 17, 2019