Announcement: I Am We Are 20th Anniversary Celebration


ALL members of the Gustavus community and friends of theatre and social justice are welcome to enjoy performances, workshops, panels, and refreshments to celebrate 20 years of I Am We Are. Events will be held on campus November 20-22. Please go to for more information and to register. These events are FREE when you pre-register at the website above.

Events include:


2:30 pm Participatory Workshops
- Understanding Ubuntu with Neo Moroka '05 from South Africa
- Social Justice Theatre Intensive with Dr. Vanita Vactor


10:30 am Participatory Workshops
- Games for Actors and Non-Actors with Evan Hilsabeck '09 and Chris Bacon '07
- Laughtivism: Comedy and Social Justice with Michael J. Sielaff '08

12:15 pm Social Justice Soup - Lunch Theatre, Sponsored by the Gustavus Diversity Center
Free soup and sandwiches for registered participants. The Social Justice Theatre students present monologues drawn from interviews on the subject of "Social Justice e

12:15 pm Social Justice Theatre Intensive with Dr. Vanita Vactor

2:15 pm Career Panel: Life After I Am We Are, Hosted by Virgil Jones
Alumni share the connections between their work with the troupe, and the remarkable spectrum of their work in the world. Participants include: Heather Nielsen '99, Jessica Risco '02, Emanda Thomas '02, Matt Swenson '06, Brian Evans '07, Rhea Muchalla ˜08, Lillie Hollingsworth '08, Elizabeth Coco '12, Irma Marquez Trapero '12, Julia Tindell '13, Karla Leitzman '13, and other alumni from our workshops and panels.

4:15 pm The Beginnings of I Am We Are: Panel and Reception, Sponsored by the Gustavus Alumni Association and Hosted by Glen Lloyd
Original advisor for I Am We Are, Dr. Vanita Vactor and first Gustavus Director of I Am We Are, Denise Iverson-Payne, will speak about the foundation of the group. Participants include Amber Shockey Nurmi '97, Niki Hayes '98, Zahilya Austin ˜99, June S. Phillips '99, Shantea Wilson '99, and Heather Redinius-Tollefson. Followed by Refreshments and Conversations

8:00 pm WE WERE, WE ARE " A Collaboration of New and Vintage Works by I Am We Are
Developed by Amy Seham, Brian Evans '07, and Sam Keillor '17, with:
I Am We Are 2015-16
The Anniversary Ensemble Class
The Twin Cities Alumni Troupe
and other Alumni Guest Stars


2:00 pm WE WERE, WE ARE " Special Matinee with Diversity Leadership Council Talk-Back
The Gustavus Diversity Leadership Council will lead a talk-back following the performance. Free tickets available at or at

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