Gustie Women for GoodMarch 8 at 56:03 p.m.

TimeMarch 8 at 56:03 p.m.

Women have combined forces throughout the history of Gustavus to do more together than they could do alone. Community is one of the five core values of the College and it shines through Gustie women every day around the world. Women build community on campus in the classroom and in student organizations, as well as in their communities through civic engagement and places of worship.

Gustie Women for Good will create ways for women to engage in their philanthropy in a new and bold way through giving circles, mentorship, and education.

On Wednesday, March 8, 2023, we will light the spark of Gustie Women for Good by coming together to learn about giving circles, hear about two opportunities to support students at Gustavus, and vote on which opportunity will receive our collective support.

PostedFeb 24, 2023