Announcement: Gustavus Tickets Account - Order Nobel Tickets


To order tickets to Nobel Conference, go to:  You must create an account.  This account is used for Nobel Conference, Christmas in Christ Chapel, Commencement, theatre performances and most campus activities events.  Click on the "Log In/Register" button in top right.  At the prompt, enter your username for Gustavus (do not include the "" on user name) and then your password.  You will enter your full name (make it match your formal name - i.e. Elizabeth, not Liz), your Gustavus email, and your cell phone (so you can have e-tickets sent straight to your phone).  You will be asked for your graduation year from Gustavus (if a student) and your Gustavus ID number.  For billing address, use the address linked to your bank or credit card.  For shipping address, make it your campus address.

To order Nobel Conference tickets, click on "Packages" and select the "General" package which will be free for all students, staff, and retirees.  To order individual sessions, click on the one you want to attend (click on "Add More" to order more than one individual pass).  You can get e-tickets or have them printed and sent to your campus PO box.  Ordering the Nobel buffet tickets beforehand is highly recommended.

If you need any assistance with this process, please call Ann Volk at 507-933-7520.  I am happy to help you order the tickets if you are having difficulties.  However, I cannot create an account for you.

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