GReg Registration ChangeNovember 9, 2005

TimeNovember 9, 2005
Description As of last week there is the ability for visiting prof's, students, speakers and guest to access the internet. When someone whether Gustavus related or not has not registered their computer upon opening a web browser they will be directed to the GReg registration page. If they are a guest, they are asked for their information and then allowed to access the network until midnight on the day they registered. If they are on campus for more than one day they may need to register daily. They can register no more than 7 seperate times.

If a Gustavus email address is used the user will notice odd activity such as not being able to access any Gustavus pages or Web Mail. If the user has a Gustavus email address they will be given temporary access to all things off campus but will be asked to re-register upon their next attempt to work off campus.

You can see the difference in registration by visiting
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