Exploring Religious Questions Series: “Broken/Whole: The Beautiful, Surprising Paradoxes of Grief”October 25, 2021 at 79 p.m.

Time: October 25, 2021 at 79 p.m.
Location:Olin 103

We have all experienced various losses and forms of suffering, including during the ongoing pandemic. For over a year now, the global pandemic has brought death, depression, and despair.The pandemic has also exposed racial injustices and ongoing inequalities related to health care,income, and education. At the same time, we have had to pay closer attention to what nourishesus, fosters resilience, and sparks joy and positive change. In this series, faith leaders andspecialists in the science of resilience help us reflect on anguish, hope, and the paradoxicalcapacity to embrace both grief and gratitude amidst loss and suffering.

Speaker: Dr. Maria Sirois 

Sirois is a master teacher, facilitator, and author. She is devoted to the science of well-beingand the art of crafting a life and a work that embodies health, passion, and success. As aconsultant and positive psychologist (with a Psy.D. from the Massachusetts School ofProfessional Psychology), she focuses on the resilience of the human spirit particularly whenunder chronic stress, during significant transitions, and/or loss. Known for her wisdom,authenticity, and humor, she brings a wealth of perspective from decades of study in themind/body medicine and resilience disciplines. Sirois is the author of two books: A ShortCourse in Happiness After Loss (And Other Dark, Difficult Times) and Every Day Counts.Her home is in the Berkshire Mountains where she attempts on a daily basis to love herchildren well enough so that they too find a way to embrace the world with a groundedoptimism and a sense of their own strengths.