"Escape The Zoom"September 26, 2020

Time: September 26, 2020

Tired of Zoom meetings and need an escape from the same boxing format? Try our upcoming virtual escape room, “Escape The Zoom,” to learn about the aspects of physical fitness and nutrition. We’re here to supply you with information regarding different forms of exercises within your living space, easy cooking hacks, self-motivation to help you get started, and many more tidbits. Not only will you solve puzzles, riddles, and trivia, but you’ll also be able to access educational videos by dietitian, Jen Donkin, and Exercise Science Professor, Rachel More. Plus, anyone who completes the challenge will be eligible for prizes like a Hydro Flask, yoga mat, little weights, jump rope, and supermarket gift cards.  Join us throughout September 20th through the 27th and truly escape the Zoom--only to come back with a fresh mindset into reality. Made by students, for students.