Announcement: Dr. Kiril Avramov (Fulbright scholar; Gustavus '99) Evening Lecture

Gustavus alumn and Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Kiril Avramov, will give a lecture at 7-8pm on October 29 in Beck 101, titled "The Rocky Road of Transition and the Story of a 'Mixed' Success: The Case of Bulgaria."

The lecture is aimed to explain the perils and successes of the so-called dual transition of Bulgaria from a totalitarian state with a command economy to a liberal democracy and free market system, with a bit of a historical perspective on the Balkan region and on the country itself.

ContactRichard Leitch — 507-933-7028
PostedOctober 14, 2015; October 21, 2015; and October 28, 2015