Darty with the PA's

May 16, 2020 at 35 p.m.Calendar Icon

TimeMay 16, 2020 at 35 p.m.

Gusties, to kick off the final month and pre-reception of the Blackbear concert we invite you to a Darty with the PA's. The event will provide harm-reduction strategies regarding binge drinking, establish the true social norms of how many people "party it up," and of course, provide free food. We'll be hosting a barbeque (hopefully weather permitting) with many options available to celebrate the near arrival of summer. We'll also provide vegetarian options as well. The site will also host a variety of events, such as: a water ballon fight, sand volleyball, frisbee, spike-ball, and giant jenga. And finally, to top it all off, we will have awesome prizes including: hammocks (for that perfect outdoor venture), spike balls (yes, your very own), and water bottles (stay hydrated). So, kick off strong and invite your friends to an event filled with fun, facts, and food. Hope to see you then.

PostedFeb 21, 2020