Announcement: Charity Dream Date Auction


Mark your calendar for Friday, Apr. 9 at 7 p.m. for the Charity Dream Date Auction! Find your spring fling! Bid on a date including an date activity basket, and all proceeds go to "Kiss for Kids: The Third Floor." Even if you don't plan on bidding, come for the entertainment of watching these Greeks strut their stuff!

We have some great dates available for auction! You may win tickets to a Twins game, bowling, Grand Slam, the Saint Paul Saints... and a night out with one of Gustavus' finest!

Dates up for auction include:
Amy Gosewisch (Delta)
Maria Brown (Delta)
Joel Tueting (Eppies)
Jon Rice (Eppies)
Matt Schueffner (SAE)
Bobby Elwell (SAE)
Katelyn Johnson (Theta)
Joe Welch (Reds)
Hamada Omar (Reds)
Laura Russell (XKX)
Manya Fiock (XKX)
Kelly O'Brien (TMs)
Laurel Urquhart (TMs)
Amy Culver (Sigmas)
Kate Pearson (Sigmas)