Accepted Student Reminder

May 16, 2005Calendar Icon

TimeMay 16, 2005

Please be aware that we have sent a mailing to students who have been accepted for admission next year at Gustavus. The purpose of the letter is to encourage them to use their Gustavus email account before coming to campus, and also to answer as many technical type questions possible. A pdf of the letter is available.

The mailing gives them their email username and an activation code. A list of the activation codes and names is available in the brown cabinet at the Helpline. If someone calls asking for their code, or having problems, please verify who they are - by asking their middle name and zip code. Then you can feel free to give them the activation code.

After receiving the mailing the students will visit a web page
that will walk them through the Acceptable Use policy and ask them to self assign a password for their account , after they supply their username and activation code. After they have a password, they will have email privileges and a10 Mb quota. Once they have self-assigned a password, we can't look it up (as with other accounts), but we can change it.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this, please see Tami.

ContactTami Aune
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