A Tree Grows in Schaefer Gallery

January 28, 2016 at 710 p.m.Calendar Icon

TimeJanuary 28, 2016 at 710 p.m.

The Arts Entrepreneurship J-Term of 2016 presents A Tree Grows in Schaefer Gallery, an interactive and environmental gallery space, housing various individual artworks and a large collaborative project. We are seven artists not only committed to understanding the collaborative process of organizing a gallery but also to communicating our long felt affections for the natural world through our own specific perspectives and mediums.
We also really wanted to have a break from all the bitter cold and ice, and what better way than to bring a summer night indoors on a cold winter night!

For a preview check out our website: http://pnordqui.wix.com/atreegrowsinschaefer

Two weeks ago, Schaeffer Gallery stood empty, three tiers of blank wall space as white as the snow just outside of its window. It was a tundra, dead and cold and silent. Then, very fortuitously, a seed was flung and landed somewhere on the second floor. What followed was kind of like Jack and the beanstalk but with fewer giants and a little less gold and merely resulted in an ordinary tree. But this tree grew extraordinarily fast.
The place filled itself. Once the tree began to grow, other organisms followed and then an entire ecosystem settled on the walls and floors, weaving themselves into a thick and diverse fabric of life. Roots extended themselves, branches reached out to the newly hung stars. And outside, beyond the window, amongst snow and ice cover, another tree, perhaps this one's sister or cousin, stood naked of its leaves in the below zero temperatures.
A shared breath, a warm exhale, had blown on this tundra to create a new and verdant place, to invite you to a summer night in midwinter.

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