3 Colloquia on Community: Concept & RealityMay 13, 2011 at 2:304 p.m.

Time: May 13, 2011 at 2:304 p.m.

Join us to talk about community in a new way at 3 colloquia on "Community: Concept & Reality e/strong>

Friday, March 11 "What's ˜the global community,' and who belongs to it? e/em>

What do people mean when they talk, often too easily or too earnestly, about "the global community'? Is the phrase rhetorical, or do they really think such a thing exists, and if they do, what do they have in mind? Does everyone on the planet belong?



Kristian Braekkan (Economics & Management)

Mimi Gerstbauer (Political Science and Peace Studies)

David Obermiller (History)

2:30-4 p.m. Board Room


Friday, April 15 "What's ˜the scientific community,' and who belongs to it? e/em>

References to "the scientific community eusually impress us. Should they? What is "the scientific community e Who belongs"and who or what set the criteria for belonging? Do our colleagues in the sciences belong to it? What roles do "authority eand ethics play for those who do belong?



Margaret Bloch-Qazi (Biology)

Jeff Dahlseid (Biochemistry)

Chuck Niederriter (Physics)

2:30-4 p.m. Olin 103



Friday, May 13 "What's ˜the campus (or the Gustavus) community,' and who belongs to it? e/em>

Many, perhaps most, of us have used the phrase "the Gustavus community e?'?"usually, quite unreflectively. Does such a collective exist here on the hill, and"if it does"do all of us belong to it? What does or should a "campus community e(and this one, if such it is, in particular) look and feel like? What resources, if any, have we gathered from conversations about the "global eand the "scientific ecommunities that might help us think and talk in new ways about this place and the people with whom we share it?



Phil Bryant (English)

Julie Johnson (Academic Advising)

Kate Knutson (Political Science)

2:30-4 p.m. Olin 103

Format Brief presentation by each panelist; small-group discussion of issues raised; plenary for further questions, responses, and further discussion. Modest, low-key, informal, interesting.

Refreshments (besides the ones for your mind)? OF COURSE!

We will be done by 4 p.m. Promise. Please join us!<

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