Schaefer Gallery 1980s

October 19–November 13

Midwest Electric Art

Brad P. Jirka, Dave Linell, Norman Andersen, and Katy Jones

Curated by Stan Shetka

October 19, 7 p.m.

Lecture: Norman Andersen

February 9–March 5

Sculpture 1971–1981

Paul T. Granlund, Artist-in-Residence

March 9–April 2

Candice Groot: Ceramic Sculpture and Ves Childs: Drawings

March 12

Artist Series: Bruce Baillie, Visiting Film Maker Roslyn Romance (Is It Really True?)

April 6–30

Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

May 3–31

Senior Exhibitions

Location: Schaefer and Bjorling Galleries

October 4–29

Paintings and Monotypes

Michael Mazur

Curated by Donald Palmgren

November 15–December 11

Suzanne Kohn Gallery Artists

Edward Evans, Mary Griep, Evelyn Martin, Robert Clark Nelson, Jerry Rudquist, and Scott Sandell. Gallery talk: Jerry Rudquist

Curated by Bruce McClain

February 8–March 4

Verne Funk: Clay Work

Curated by Candice Groot


Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition


Senior Shows

November 1–24

Prints and Paintings from the Gustavus Permanent Collection

The Presidential Portfolio (6 prints), Carol Hoorn Fraeser paintings (2), Japanese Woodcuts and Engravings from the Louis W. Hill Collection (20)

Curated by Bruce McClain


Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

April 10–29

Works from the Allan Stone Gallery

Gallery talk: Allan Stone

Curated by Linnea Wren

February 14–March 9

David Hollowell, Paintings and Drawings


Senior Shows

October 4–21

Paintings: Carol Fraser

Lecture by the artist, 10/11: "The Expressionist Image" (With Nobel Conference XIX, "Manipulating Life: Medical Advances and Human Responsibilities")

Curated by Bruce McClain

November 15–17

Ethel and Edgar Johnson Visiting Artist: Deborah Butterfield

Lecture 11/15: "Ten Years of Horses"
Panel Discussion 11/17: "Manufacturing an Artist, The Process", Panel: Deborah Butterfield, Herb Grika, Linnea Wren, Paul Granlund, Stan Shetka

Arranged by Stan Shetka

April 2–13

Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition


Senior Shows

September 9–28

Gene Basset: Political Cartoons in a Presidential Year

October 2–25

Stan Shetka: Nimbus

Lecture by Dr. Tung Hon Jeong, "Holography as as Art Form"

Curated by Stan Shetka

November 5–30

Chichen Itza: Maya Traditions in Art and Architecture

Pre-Columbian Art lecture by Dr, Patricia Reff Anawolt

Curated by Linnea Wren

December 3–20

Senior Show

Tim Pilgrim and Nancy Johnson

January 7–31

Photography: David Morano (MSU)

Curated by Donald Palmgren

February 11–28

Faculty Show

March 4–29

Clay Sculpture and Workshop

Douglas Baldwin

Curated by Candice Groot

April 15–26

16th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

May 12–18

Senior Show

Carol Dalke and Diane Wegehaupt

May 19–25

Senior Show

Peter Olsen

April 29–June 1

Senior Show

Gretchen Hostager, Daren Lavoi, and Stacey Sjoquist

May 26–June 3

Senior Show

Paul Fixsen

September 9–27

The 1985 Juried Show for Minnesota Artists

Paintings, prints and drawings from the Art Center of Minnesota

Curated by Bruce McClain

October 1–November 1

Paul Granlund Sculpture Exhibition

Curated by Paul Granlund

November 4–27

Visiting Artists Exhibition

Janet Loftquist and Carol Emmons

February 10–28

January Term Student Art: Raku Ceramics and Portrait Drawings

Curated by Candice Groot and Donald Palmgren

March 3–28

Computer Graphics and Painting

John Spurgin (MSU)

Curated by Bruce McClain

April 14–25

Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

April 22

Prof. Karl Werckmeister lecture: "The S.S. Security Service Secret Reports from the Reich as a Source for the History of German Art During the Second WW."

Arranged by Conrad Rudolf

April 28–May 9

Senior Show

Lisa Himmelstrup and Shawn Spurgin

May 12–June 1

1986 Alumni Exhibition

September 15–October 10

Paintings: Robert Birmelin (Nobel Conference Exhibition)

Curated by Donald Palmgren

October 20–November 7

Ceramic Sculpture and Handmade Paper Installation

Candice Groot

Curated by Candice Groot

November 13–December 5

Drawing and Sculpture

Zizi Raymond (Visiting Artist)

Curated by Zizi Raymond

February 9–27

Visiting Artist

Anna Strickland

Curated by Anna Strickland

March 2–20

M. C. Anderson Gallery Artists

M. Borg Babcock, Gloria DeFilipps Brush, Rosalyn D. Schwartz, Mary Walker, Carol Warner, and Gary Eygene Wolfe

Curated by Bruce McClain

March 5

Lecture: Japanese Art

Prof. Stephen Addis (Johnson Visiting Fellow)

Arranged by Linnea Wren

April 6–17

Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

April 21–May 2

Senior Show I

May 4–15

Senior Show II

May 18–31

Senior Show III

Tina Askenas, Matthew Baldwin, Jacalyn Born, Alissa Dahlstrom, Elena Hilding (AH), Kay Johnson, Lisa McClain, and Christine Myhr

September 14–October 2

Watercolors: Catherine S. Means

Slide lecture by the artist

Curated by Bruce McClain

October 5–28

The Ashcan School, Views of Twentieth Century America: Works from the Collection of Rev. Richard Hillstrom

Lecture 10/14: Dr. Rhenry Adams

Curated by Linnea Wren


20th Century Paintings and Prints, From the Collection of Valparaico University

Lecture: Martha Mayer Erlebacher (November 16)

Curated by Donald Palmgren

February 8– March 4, 1988

Amy Podmore, Sculpture and Drawings

March 7–25

Prints: Piranesi's Views of Rome (Touring exhibit, University Art Museum, U. of Minnesota)

Curated by Linnea Wren


Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition


Senior Shows

October 12–November 2

Donald Palmgren, Recent Work


Below 30

Curated by Linnea Wren


Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

May 19–29

Senior Show

Kelly Yusten (Pottery) and Becky Billmeyer (Drawings)

September 7–October 6, 1989

Matt Francek with Paul Klee

October 8–November 3

Stan Shetka Exhibition

January 3–26

Laura Stone: Paintings and Drawings

Reception: January 10, 3–5 p.m.

February 12–23

Recaption: Recontext

Photography Exhibit Organised by the University of Minnesota Gallery

February 26–March 21

Revelation and Devotion: The Spirit of Religion in Contemporary Art
Works from the Sherry French Gallery

March 16, 7:30 p.m., Gerome Witkin, Visiting Artist and Lecturer

Curated by Donald Palmgren

April 11–27

All Student Juried Exhibition

May 14–27

Senior Majors

Gretchen Ellefson, Denise Holmes, and Amy Salter

April 30–May 27

Exhibition of Senior Art Majors