Pre-Architecture Program

A Liberal Arts Education with a Focus on Spatial Reasoning and Conceptual Development

Professional education for architects is now concentrated at the graduate level through the degree of Master of Architecture (MArch), awarded by universities with such programs. At the University of Minnesota, for example, this is the only degree accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board as complete preparation for licensing examinations.

Students with liberal arts majors in a number of fields may prepare themselves for graduate admission into Master of Architecture programs by taking the following suggested courses at Gustavus: General Physics I and II (or the Cosmic Universe and the Mechanical Universe), Calculus I, one additional semester of a laboratory science, a writing course, and a wide range of studio art courses, concentrated in drawing and 3D media. Students applying for graduate admission to architecture degree programs are normally expected to present a significant portfolio of their studio art projects. Some programs expect students to have experience in computer-aided drafting and design (CADD). Gustavus offers two CADD courses, T/D-223 and T/D-323. Courses in art and architectural history, geography, and environmental studies are recommended to help the future architect understand the built environment in its social, geographical, historical, and biophysical context.