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What can current Gusties do for you?

Over 100 companies have participated in marketing projects with students, and you can, too! Each semester, students work with alumni-connected companies and non-profit organizations to help solve marketing challenges. This allows students to apply what they are learning in Marketing and gain experience in teamwork, project management and consulting. Students work on the project for 9 weeks and organize meetings with their client every 2 weeks. The final presentation includes an in-person or virtual presentation and a comprehensive report. Experiential learning is a win-win for both the students and the organizations. The best part for our clients - a fresh look at their website, social media and marketing activities. An overwhelming majority responded that their organization has benefited from working with marketing students. There is no cost to participate! If you are interested, please complete the application below and we will be in touch with you to answer any questions you may have!


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