Gusties on the Go: A Free Campus Bike Share ProgramSustainability

The Gusties on the Go bike share program was started by the Student Athlete Volunteer Educators (S.A.V.E.) in 2016. In 2021 the Johnson Center for Environmental Innovation took over the program with front desk support from the Motor Pool office.

The Gusties on the Go program has a fleet of traditional bicycles and electric bicycles (e-bikes) that can be rented out free of charge to Gusties who want to get around campus and explore the St. Peter area during the fall and spring months. Bikes can be checked out for 4 hours, 24 hours or the weekend. Those who want to check out an e-bike must complete training prior to check out: Sign-up for e-bike training on this Google Sheet.

Rules and Safety

All Gusties on the Go bikes:

  • Operate in bike lanes when available, on streets, and designated campus sidewalks or shared-use paths, and only on paved surfaces.
  • Yield to pedestrians at all times.
  • When passing pedestrians, slow down and allow plenty of clearance.
  • Obey all traffic signs and signals, follow traffic laws, and ride with the flow of traffic. Do not travel the wrong way in a bike lane or on a street.
  • Always use clear hand signals.
  • Dismount and walk bikes in heavily congested pedestrian areas.
  • Bikes are to be used for mobility purposes only. Racing, stunt and trick riding is prohibited.
  • Riding Gusties on the Go bikes on and off campus is strictly prohibited from Sunset to Sunrise.
  • Follow all bicycle rules and regulations from Campus Safety.

Gusties on the Go e-bikes:

  • Operating an e-bike over 20mph is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of a helmet while operating an e-bike is required.
  • Use of headphones or ear buds while operating an e-bike is prohibited.
  • E-bikes must stay on designated preferred sidewalk routes on campus (see map below).
  • When operating on allowed campus sidewalks, riders are required to stay at or below pedal assist level 1.


Campus Sidewalk Preferred E-bike Routes

Gusties on the Go Map Showing locations of important sites and preferred biking pathways


How do I check out a Gusties on the Go bike?

Gusties on the Go bikes can be checked out in person from the Motor Pool office, located in the basement of Olin Hall, room 026, open from 8:00am-4:00pm M-F. Bikes are located in Nobel Hall, room 1321 just inside the West entrance across from Olin Hall. When you check out a bike, you will check out a key to access the bike room, and another for the bike lock. You may check out a bike for 4 hours, 24 hours, or a weekend. Bikes are checked out on a first-come-first-serve basis in person. You may call ahead to inquire about bike availability using this number: 507-933-8000.

What is an e-bike?

An electric bike functions as a normal bike with an electric-powered motor attachment that can assist riders up hills.

Do I need training to use an e-bike?

Yes. In order to check out and use a Gusties on the Go e-bike, you must have completed the required training. Sign up for a training slot on this Sign-up Sheet.  Training slots are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. You do not need training to check out a traditional Gusties on the Go bike.

How long can I use a Gusties on the Go bike?

Gusties on the Go bikes can be checked out for 4 hours, 24 hours or the weekend (if bikes are available).

Do I need to leave my Student ID with the front desk to check out a bike?

No, you may keep your student ID with you. When you check out a bike at the Motor Pool front desk, they will record your information and alloted check-out time. If the bike is not returned after your alloted check-out time, you will be contacted.

What safety equipment is required?

Helmets are provided in the bike room and are required to ride e-bikes. You may also use your own helmet if you have one.

How do I return a Gusties on the Go bike and keys?

You must bring the Gusties on the Go bike back to the bike room where you originally picked it up - Nobel 1321. Please place your keys in the dropbox outside the Gusties on the Go room. Failure to return your keys will result in a $75 charge.

What happens if I lose my key or don’t return it?

Failure to return your key will result in a $75 charge.

Do I need to lock my bike?

Yes, all Gusties on the Go bikes come with locks with manual keys that should be used whenever your bike is parked, including indoors if checked out overnight.

What do I do if I my e-bike runs out of battery?

You will need to pedal it back to the bike room (Nobel 1321) like you would a traditional bike, to charge or return, depending on your check-out duration.

What do I do if my bike (either type) has an operational issue? (non-emergency: e.g. a flat tire, chain or gear issues)

Bring the bike back to the bike room - Nobel 1321. If the bike is unable to be ridden or walked back, you can call Campus Safety or a friend to pick you and the bike up. Please document the issue as best as possible and email Additionally, we encourage leaving a note with the bike when you return it. If a bike is returned in need of serious repair and Gusties on the Go is not notified, you will be contacted and may be held responsible.