Peer Mentoring

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Grant at Gustavus Adolphus College

Giving Students Extra Hands-On Experience

The peer mentoring program began in 2010 at Gustavus Adolphus College. These are one hour per week sessions led by junior or senior biology, chemistry, and biochemistry majors. The sessions focus on lecture and laboratory content reinforcement and practice, skill building, and how to think and act like a scientist. It is mandatory for all first year Biology, Chemistry, and co-enrolled students. Peer mentoring is currently available for all sections of:

  • Bio 101 Principles of Biology
  • Bio 102 Organismal Biology
  • Che 107 Principles of Chemistry
  • Che 141 Organic Chemistry 1

Since the program began, students have shown gains in perceptions toward learning, a more positive attitude toward science, and an increased ability to understand and apply content.

"I think students have benefited from the grant by being able to work in small groups where they are able to ask questions that they may be hesitant to ask in class."
—Amy Tierney, Peer Mentor
"Overall, Peer Mentoring helps students to develop skills that otherwise may not have been acquired in a traditional science class setting."
—Ryan Nett, Peer Mentor