Lund Center Expansion

Capital Projects

When it opened in 1984, Lund Center was the class of the MIAC and one of the best athletic facilities in all of Division III. Today, the building has reached its limits as a functional and efficient space.

Tens of thousands of people visit Lund Center for sporting events, athletic camps, regional high school tournaments, campus tours, and the Nobel Conference. An up-to-date, expanded facility will better represent Gustavus to prospective students and visitors.

No space has been added to Lund Center since it opened in 1984, while other colleges and universities in Minnesota and the Midwest have built new wellness and athletics facilities in the last two decades. Expansion will add 160,000 square feet to Lund Center, for a total of 365,000 square feet, comparable to new facilities at other schools.

for Lund Center

  1. Provide better wellness opportunities for all students, faculty, and staff.
  2. Provide more functional and efficient space for athletics, academics, and recreation.
  3. Carry out needed updates and improvements for one of the most visited buildings on campus.
Proposed Cardio Area
  • Cardio, workout, and weight rooms now total 4,400 square feet. Hundreds of students, faculty, and staff use these overcrowded spaces every day. Expanded to 22,000 square feet, new workout spaces for athletes and the whole Gustavus community will meet current needs and be adaptable for future uses.
  • A new athletic office suite for coaches and administrators will alleviate overcrowding in current office areas.
  • A new academic wing will house improved classrooms, faculty offices, and a 120-seat lecture hall. The Human Performance Lab, necessary for exercise science and athletic training programs, will move into a space two-and-a- half times larger than students currently have for research.
Proposed Weightroom
Proposed Field House
  • The field house will add 60,000 square feet of all-season practice, exercise, and recreation space for football, soccer, baseball, softball, track and field, rugby, lacrosse, and intramurals.
  • New locker rooms will exceed current standards for safety and efficiency, providing improved changing spaces for visitors, faculty, and staff, as well as each varsity sports team.