Ngawang Gonsar


Instructor in Biology


2012 Ngawang Gonsar, Adelle Schumann, Jerica Buchard, Jennifer O Liang “ An Inexpensive, Efficient Method for Reg­­­ular Egg Collection from Zebrafish in a Recirculation Tank”, Zebrafish 9, no. 1 (2012): 50-55.

2013 Ngawang Gonsar, Jessica Clay, Jennifer Liang “ Temporal and Spatial Requirement of Nodal induced Head Mesendoderm in Zebrafish Neural Tube Closure” Developmental Biology (submitted).


2012 Ngawang Gonsar, Jessica Clay, Jennifer O. Liang. “Temporal and Spatial Requirement of Head Mesendoderm in ZebrafishNeural tube Closure” 10th International Zebrafish Development and Genetics Conference, June 20-24 2012, Madison, WI (Poster)

2011 Adelle Schumann, Ngawang Gonsar, Jerica Buchard, Jennifer O. Liang. “Nodal signaling   during blastula stages is required for closure of the anterior neural tube” Midwest Regional Zebrafish Conference August 3-6, 2011, Rochester MN (Poster).

2014 Lexy Kindt, Ngawang Gonsar, Jessica Clay, Jennifer Liang “Identifying Signals Required for Neural Tube Closure” 11th International Zebrafish Development and Genetics Conference, June 24-28 2012, Madison, WI (Poster)


Woodstock School India, College of St. Scholastica B.A Biology, University of Minnesota, M.S Integrated Biosciences

Courses Taught


BIO-101 (Principles Lab) and BIO-201 (Cell Biology Lab)

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
BIO-102Organismal Biology Lab72015/SP and 2014/SP
BIO-201Cell Biology Lab52014/FA and 2013/FA
BIO-268Career Exploration42015/JN and 2014/JN
NDL-268Career Exploration22015/JN and 2014/JN
BIO-101Principles Lab22013/FA