Christ Chapel


Christ Chapel was completed in 1961 and dedicated in the College’s centennial year of 1962 as a final gift to Gustavus from the congregations of the Augustana Lutheran Church, which in that same year was merging into the Lutheran Church in America (LCA). Christ Chapel was dedicated on January 7, 1962, during the presidency of Edgar M. Carlson, who had long dreamed of building a proper chapel for the College. "It is located in the center of campus as a symbol of the central place of faith at this church-related college," says Chaplain Brian Johnson. "Glowing like a jeweled crown at night, reflecting the light of the sun in the morning, it is the Tent of Meeting for the Gustavus campus and extended family. Its walls, shaped like spires and shafts, remind us of the upward movement of prayer and the descending movement of revelation. It is a chapel with two kinds of windows, the colored panes which are the jewels of this crown and the clear glass. The light from within shines out onto the life outside, and the light from the world enters into the intimacy of worship. It is a place where we learn the subtle discipline of listening to other voices—to one another and to God."

Date Event
Today 1010:20 am Daily Sabbath Chapel
Tomorrow 1010:20 am Daily Sabbath Chapel
88:30 pm Lenten Vespers Chapel
Mar 5 1010:20 am Daily Sabbath: "Building Bridges Preview" Chapel
Mar 6 1010:20 am Daily Sabbath: "Interfaith Peace Prayers" Chapel
Mar 7 9 am to 5 pm 20th Annual Building Bridges Conference - "Hidden in Plain Sight: Recognizing and Rejecting Rape Culture" Chapel and Beck Hall
Mar 9 1010:20 am Daily Sabbath Chapel
Mar 10 1010:20 am Daily Sabbath Chapel
Mar 11 1010:20 am Daily Sabbath Chapel
88:30 pm Lenten Vespers Chapel
Mar 12 1010:20 am Daily Sabbath Chapel
Mar 13 1010:20 am Daily Sabbath: "International Students Celebration" Chapel