Keenan Hartert


Visiting Assistant Professor in Biology

I am interested in the assignment of personalized lymphoma therapeutics based on genetically-characterized tumor biology profiles. My studies have primarily focused on understanding the most common type of lymphoma: Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma (DLBCL), which is diagnosed in 30,000 new patients every year. Although approximately 50% of these patients can expect long-term remission after standard Rituximab + CHOP chemotherapy combination therapy, those that relapse or refract treatment face a poor prognosis.

Lymphomas and leukemias present a unique challenge since they do not form a single, solid tumor in a concentrated area. Equally challenging, DLBCL tumors can evolve from distinct genetic origins that result in heterogenous biological profiles, a challenge for clinicians. Using genomics, we hope to define the genetic landscape(s) of these tumors and assign a targeted therapy that best addresses the inherent weaknesses of that biological profile. Following these methodologies, we hope to identify and address vulnerable patient populations that would reject standard therapies.

Applying lessons and principles from Ecology and Evolution to this forefront of Molecular Biology can increase our understanding of tumors as genetically-defined populations and is one of my personal favorite cross-discipline connections.

I work with Dr. Anne Novak as a Mayo Clinic research collaborator by integrating clinical and genomic data to validate new therapeutic avenues for DLBCL and other lymphomas.


B.A. Carleton College, Ph.D. University of Nebraska Medical Center

Areas of Expertise

Cancer, Molecular Biology, and Genomics

Courses Taught

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
BIO-102 Organismal Biology Lab 2 2020/SP
BIO-388 Molecular Genetics 1 2020/SP
BIO-388 Molecular Genetics Lab 1 2020/SP
BIO-107 Domestication 1 2020/JN
BIO-101 Principles of Biology 1 2019/FA
BIO-100 Bio Expl Biomolec Lab 1 2019/FA
BIO-101 Principles Lab 1 2019/FA
BIO-100 Bio Explor:Biomolecular 1 2019/FA