Himali Somaweera


Visiting Assistant Professor in Chemistry

Himali Somaweera was born in Sri Lanka and she received her Bachelor's degree in biological sciences from University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka in 2007. Then she went to California State University, Sacramento to pursue her Master's degree then obtained her Doctoral degree in Texas Tech University, 2015. After graduating worked as an instructor in Department of Mathematics, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas and in 2016 joined with Department of Mechanical Engineering as a Post Doctoral research associate. Her research focus is on designing and developing microfludic devices towards biological applications. After moving to Minnesota in 2019, she started working as an Adjunct Faculty in Augsburg Univeristy, Minneapolis. She loves sports and travelling.

Courses Taught

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
CHE-258 Inorganic Chemistry I Lab 6 2022/SP and 2021/SP
CHE-108 Thermodynamics Lab 6 2022/JN and 2021/JN
CHE-107 Principles of Chemistry 4 2021/FA and 2020/FA
CHE-107 Principles of Chemistry Lab 2 2022/SP and 2020/FA
CHE-108 Chem Thermodynamics 2 2022/JN and 2021/JN
CHE-106 Intro Chem Princ Lab 2 2021/FA
CHE-141 Organic Chemistry I Lab 1 2021/SP