Carly Overfelt


Multilingual and Intercultural Program Coordinator in International and Cultural Education

I'm Carly, and my job is to help multilingual students (both domestic and international) succeed in their academic and social lives at Gustavus. I do this through programming, advising, and tutoring, and I work closely with CARE, the Writing Center, and the Diversity Center.

Before joining the CICE, I taught ESL for international students at Purdue University, then taught writing and literature courses at the University of Massachusetts. I just finished my Ph.D. from UMass, where I studied the way American Englishes, including "non-native" English, are represented in U.S. literature and culture. I am passionate about linguistic diversity, in all its forms, and I'm excited to join the CICE team this year. 

Keep an eye out for interesting workshops on academic success, and don't be surprised if you see me holding office hours in the Diversity Center, and other locations. Some of you might also know me as the staff advisor for G'Local, or for my recent work with International Friendship Families. If you're interested in either of these programs, just let me know! I'll also be working on other programming around social success at Gustavus.

I'm also here for faculty and staff who want to better prepare themselves to teach and advise multilingual students, or who want to troubleshoot a specific situation. Feel free to give me a call. 

My other interests include quilting, reading, biking around the Twin Cities (only during spring and summer!), and hanging out with my cat, Cleveland.


Ph.D., English, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; M.A., Linguistics and M.A., English, Purdue University; B.A., English, Arkansas Tech University

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Course Taught

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
NDL-144ST:Acad Success Multilin22018/SP