Utilities - Data current through October 2022

Building Names and Codes - Spreadsheet


Gustavus buys its electrical supply from the City of St. Peter. There is one central distribution point for all campus buildings with the exception of the houses east of 7th Street and Arbor View Apartments.

Water & Sewer

Gustavus receives its water from the City of St. Peter. In turn, the City also takes the waste water for processing. Each building has its own water meter, with some buildings have three meters, one for the building, one for the chiller unit, and one for outside irrigation use.

Natural Gas

Gustavus receives its natural gas supply from CenterPoint Energy/Minnegasco. Each building is individually metered. Old Main is the only major building which does not use natural gas. An energy management company, U.S. Energy Services, Inc., provides management services and acts as a backup supply for natural gas in the event of curtailment by CenterPoint during cold weather.

Fuel Oil Usage & Conversion to BTUs

Gustavus purchases low-sulfur fuel oil for use by the Heating Plant boilers during times of curtailment by CenterPoint Energy. This normally happens during extremely cold temperatures or prolonged periods of abnormally cold temperatures. Curtailment can also occur in the event of natural gas supply interruption or heavy use elsewhere in the country.

All requests for work should be submitted to the Physical Plant Office at x7504 or via our request repair form.