Women's Doubles Racquetball Rules

  • Games will be played to 15 points.  You must win by two points.  A match is 2 out of 3 games.
  • Each team must have two players.
  • Other than scoring, regulation racquetball rules will be followed.
  1. a point is scored by the individual serving when the opponent allows the ball to touch the floor twice after a serve or volley, or if the return doesn’t make it to the front wall before bouncing off the floor.
  2. Service must occur from within the service zone.  Loss of serve occurs when:
  • The server steps out of the service zone before the ball passes the short line.
  • A short serve occurs (lands in front of the service zone)
  • A three wall serve occurs
  • A long serve occurs (hits the back wall before bouncing)
  • An out-of-court ball occurs (over the back wall)
  1. Each server will get 2 chances to make a legal serve.
  2. Receiver must stand at least 5 feet behind the service zone.
  • Hinders and obstructions will be called by the offended player and a replay will occur.