Coed Broomball Rules

Broomball Rules

  1. Games will be two 18 minute halves, running time, and a 4 minute half time.
  2. Ties will stand in pool play.  Ties in the tournament will be decided in a sudden death playoff. 

In all games teams will get 3 points for a win and 1 point for a tie. At the end of the schedule, the top two teams from each pool will advance to the tournament.  Ties in pool play will be broken by head to head competition then points allowed. 

Helmets must be worn.  No one will be allowed to play without a helmet.  Helmets will be available for checkout from the IM workers at the arena. 

  1. Use of protective equipment such as shinguards and elbow pads is strongly encouraged.
  2. Brooms are available for rent.  Examine your stick prior to use.
  3. Broomball shoes are prohibited.
  4. Play will start with a pass back by a team decided by a toss of a coin.  All other stoppages are pass-backs.  Pass-backs will occur at center ice for offside or any other infraction occurring between the bluelines.
  5. Six players are allowed on the ice at one time, four is the minimum.  Coed teams must have an equal number of men and women on the ice.  If a team only has two women, they must play with 4 players.  Their opponent can decide to play with less than six players if they wish.  No team can have more men on the ice than women.   One player must be designated as goalie to have goalkeeper privileges.
  6. Substitutions are allowed on the fly.
  7. If a broom breaks during play, it must be dropped immediately.  If not dropped it will result in a two minute penalty.
  8. The ball may not be kicked or hand passed to a teammate.  The ball may mot be kicked twice in succession to oneself.  The ball may be stopped and controlled with the hand, not held.
  9. No body checking allowed.
  10. The goalie is the only player who can catch the ball and throw the ball forward.  He/she may play the ball forward with his/her broom.  A goalie may play the ball with his/her hands only in the protected zone which is the imaginary line the width of the rink at the face off dots.
  11. The ball shall be put into play by a pass back after a turnover.  On the pass back the broom shall be used to pass the ball backwards.  All players must be on side.
  12. Turnovers occur when the ball is hit out of play, icing, a player commits a foul, etc.
  13. If the ball is above the waist it may not be played or attempted to be played with the broom.  A turnover will result.
  14. If the ball is played above the shoulder with a broom, a minor penalty will result.
  15. No “whip shots” will be allowed.  The broom can only go to waist level on a shot.
  16. Players of the attacking or defending team may stand in the crease only when the ball is in the crease.  They may not remain stationary in the crease when the ball is outside of the crease.
  17. Broom checking may only be at the ball.
  18. Offside will be enforced from the blue line on the way in and the red line on the way out.
  19. Iceing will only be called if the goalie does not attempt to play the ball or if they signal for iceing by raising their hand.
  20. Penalties:

1.   Too may persons on ice

2.   Early substitution                      

  1. Contacting a player on face off
  2. Lifting a broom on the face off
  3. Illegal equipment
  4. Playing the ball above the waist
  5. Personal fouls
  6. Withholding a players broom
  7. Checking the goalkeeper
  8. Tripping
  9. Sliding into an opponent

  1. Throwing the broom
  2. Injury caused by broom
  3. Flagrant personal foul
  4. Refusal to obey manager
  5. Interfering with a goalie
  1. Illegal equipment
  2. Throwing of broom
  3. Disrespect to manager
  4. Foul or abusive languge
  5. Chewing tobacco
  6. Hitting glass with broom

  1. There will be no alcohol in Lund Center.
  2. If a team does not appear within 5 minutes of the scheduled time, they must forfeit.
  3. Teams will referee their own games.  IM workers will keep the game clock and try to help settle disputes should they occur.  They are not there to referee games but will remove any players who are jeopardizing the safety of others or otherwise behave inappropriately
  4. If a team forfeits once they will not be eligible for the post-season tournament.