Men's Flag Football Rules

1. Each team is allowed 5 players on the field at all times. Coed teams can not have more than three players of the same gender on the field at any time.

2. When submitting a roster a coed team must have at least 4 players of each gender. No player may be on multiple rosters.

2. Field will utilize chalk boundries.

3. A game consists of two running time 20 minute halves.

4. In the event of a tie, each team will get one posession (5 downs) from midfield. If they score they have the option of going for 1 point (5 yards) or two points (10 yards). If the teams remain tied after 2 possessions each, they will be required to go for two points on each subsequent possession.

5. The first possession of the game will be determined by a coin toss. The team that gains the first possession will place the ball on their own goal line and begin from there.


1. No blocking allowed.

2. Offensive team must snap ball to quarterback.

3. Every offensive player is an eligible receiver.

4. No handoffs are allowed. The QB may cross the line of scrimmage only after a defender crosses the line of scrimmage.

5. The offense gets 5 downs to get a first down or a touchdown. If they fail to get a first down the defensive team will gain possession on thier own goal line.

6. After a team scores a touchdown, they have the option of going for 1 point (5 yards away) or 2 points (10 yards away).


1. Any defensive player may rush after an audible "5 Gustavus" count.

2. Hands must be kept within the width of the body, no grabbing or excessive pushing allowed. Grabbing or holding will result in a 5 step penalty.

3. Any interception may be returned for a touchdown, anything other than a touchdown will be returned to the intercepting teams own goal line.


1. If a team does not appear within 10 minutes of the scheduled time, they will forfeit.

2. All protests will be handled on the field by the team captains and the IM sport manager on site.

3. Teams will referee their own games.

4. If a team forfeits twice they will not be eligible for the post-season tournament