Intramural Flag Football Rules

Submitting a Roster

Five players on the field for each team. For Coed: No more than three players may be of same gender. If a team is short the required number of players, the team must play down that number of players.

When submitting a roster for coed each team should have a minimum of 4 male

and 4 female players.

No player may register for more than 2 teams.

Rules of Play

Field will utilize chalk boundaries.

Game consists of two 20 minute running time halves.

In the event of a tie, a coin is tossed to determine which team will kick off and

the first team to score in overtime wins.

Start of Game

Coin toss will determine which team will receive the ball first.  The team with the ball will place it on their own goal line and start from there.


No blocking is allowed.

Offensive team must snap ball to quarterback.

Every offensive player is an eligible receiver.

No handoffs are allowed.  The QB may cross the line of scrimmage only after a defender crosses the line of scrimmage.

The offense gets 5 downs to get a first down or a touchdown.  If they fail to get a first down the defensive team will get possession of the ball on their own goal line.


After a touchdown the offense may go for a one point conversion from 5 yards away or a two point conversion from 10 yards away.



Any defensive player may rush after an aloud count of “5 Gustavus”

Hands must be kept within the width of the body, no grabbing or

excessive pushing allowed. Grabbing or holding will result in a 5

step penalty, excessive pushing will result in a 10 step penalty.

Pass interference will be called as per normal football rules.

An interception may be returned for a touchdown.  If there a touchdown is not scored the team with the ball will get the ball on their own goal line.