5 v 5 Basketball Rules

1. Games will be two 20 minute halves, running time.

2. Each team consists of five players, a team must forfeit if less than four players are available.

3. Teams must have someone keep track of the score.

4. Players will call thier own fouls. The person who commits the foul is responsible for calling the foul. any person who commits a violation is resposible for calling that violation.

5. Players must wear clean, dry, non marking shoes.

6. If a team does not appear within 10 minutes of the scheduled time, they must forfeit.

7. A substitution may be made on any dead ball situation.

8. If a team forfeits twice, they will not be eligible for the post-season tournament.

9. The ranking for the post-season tournament will be as follows:

1. win-loss record
2. team with fewest forfeits
3. head to head competition
4. record against teams above those tied
5. record against # 1 team
6. coin toss