Spanish (SPA)

Academic Catalog 2010–2011

  • Ana Adams
  • Hayden Duncan
  • Angelique Dwyer
  • Nancy Hanway
  • Robert Irvin
  • María Isabel Kalbermatten
  • Mayra Taylor (Visiting, 2010–2011)

Spanish Major:

Courses must be graded C or better to fulfill the requirement for the major. SPA-250, SPA-280, SPA-330, SPA-320, SPA-321, SPA-370, and either a) SPA-322 or SPA-323 and two courses approved by the adviser and selected from SPA-344, SPA-375, SPA-390 or b) SPA-322, SPA-323, and one selected from SPA-344, SPA-375, SPA-390. In addition, the last semester before their graduation, majors must register for SPA-099 and must work on their senior portfolio. The senior portfolio is a final semester-long project, for which students write a series of reflective papers and other activities that will evidence the student’s competency in the following areas: (a) Aural Comprehension; (b) Speaking; (c) Writing; (d) Literature; (e) Culture. Since the portfolio additionally includes a collection of selected papers/exams completed in courses for the major, students in courses numbered 280 and above are strongly advised to save all papers and exams from these courses. Students will be provided with details about the portfolio process upon declaring the major, which should be done no later than the first semester of the junior year. Detailed instructions for the portfolio can be accessed at the Spanish section’s website:

Spanish Teaching Major:

Admission to the Spanish Teaching major is by application and interview in the Department of Education, normally during the sophomore year. Spanish Teaching majors must complete all Spanish major requirements, MLC-357, and all courses required for licensure, including student teaching (see Department of Education).


Courses must be graded C or better to fulfill the requirement for the minor. SPA-250, SPA-280, SPA-321 or SPA-323, SPA-320 or SPA-322, and one other course taught in Spanish above SPA-250.

099Senior Portfolio(0 course) This is the final requirement for the Spanish major. Although the portfolio does not carry numerical credit it must be successfully completed before a student can be approved to graduate with a Spanish major. Advisees are responsible for working and consulting with their advisers to develop their portfolio throughout their final semester. The portfolio must be revised and approved by the adviser prior to the evaluation by the whole Spanish faculty. The portfolio must be approved by the adviser, completed, and turned in by the last Friday in April at 4:00 p.m. Detailed instructions for the portfolio can be accessed at the Spanish section’s website:

101, 102, 103Beginning Spanish I, II, III(1 course each) A sequential three-semester program that introduces students to essentials of grammar with basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Cultural readings will deal with Spain and Spanish America. Prerequisites: If previous instruction in Spanish, students are required to take the placement test. Refer to the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures website for more information about the language requirement and placement: . SPA-101 is intended for students with little or no previous knowledge of Spanish. SPA-101 is the prerequisite for SPA-102; SPA-102 is the prerequisite for SPA-103; or an equivalent course; or placement by exam. Offered annually.

200Intermediate Spanish(1 course) This course is intended for students who have completed the study of beginning level Spanish language. Reading, speaking, and writing are emphasized with some grammar review. This course prepares students to move into advanced writing and conversation courses. Prerequisite: SPA-103 or equivalent. Offered annually.

244Special Topics in Hispanic Studies(1 course) Course content varies and explores a topic or problem in depth through reading, discussion and writing. Course taught in English. More than one special topic may be taken. Offered occasionally.

250Composition(1 course) This course is designed to give students intensive practice in writing skills. Intended for Spanish majors, minors, and those wishing to improve their writing skills in Spanish. This course is required of all majors and minors. Prerequisite: SPA-200 with a minimum grade of C, or an equivalent course or placement by exam. WRITI, Fall and Spring semesters.

280Introduction to Literature in Spanish(1 course) This course introduces students to the study of literature in Spanish through the reading of short literary texts. Students study literary terminology and methods of analysis, and practice the analysis and discussion of literature in Spanish. Texts are selected from across literary periods from Spanish and Spanish American authors. Prerequisite: SPA-250 or equivalent. WRITD, Fall and Spring semesters.

320Spanish American Culture(1 course) This course presents the major issues of Spanish American culture. Among them is the question of cultural regions or zones based on geographical factors. Cultural evolution is traced from the pre-Hispanic origins of the regions through the colonial and post-colonial periods. Particular attention is focused on the concept of cultural identity and the process of fusing indigenous, European, African, and other influences. This course is taught entirely in Spanish. Discussions and student writing are a major component of the course. Prerequisite: SPA-280. HIPHI, Fall semester.

321Spanish Culture(1 course) This course traces the development of a Spanish identity through the study of the Spanish people as a diverse, multi-cultural society. The course examines how the fusion of the indigenous, Roman, northern European, and African elements, and the conflict between Christian, Muslim, and Jewish religions produces one of Europe’s richest and most unique cultures. Taught in Spanish. Discussions and student writing are a major component of the course. Prerequisite: SPA-280. Spring semester.

322Masterworks of Spanish American Literature(1 course) Great works of literature written in Spanish America from colonial times to the present are examined. Prerequisites: SPA-250 and SPA-280. Fall semester, odd years.

323Survey of Spanish Literature(1 course) A course designed to familiarize students with major authors of Spanish literature from its beginning to present times. A study of selections viewed in their cultural and historical contexts will highlight the extent to which these authors were influenced by the ideology of their times and how their writings, in turn, affected contemporary thought. Prerequisites: SPA-250 and SPA-280. Spring semester, even years.

330Advanced Grammar and Composition(1 course) This course offers an in-depth review of Spanish grammar with an emphasis on developing advanced writing skills in Spanish. The students have the opportunity to practice grammar usage by writing compositions throughout the semester. This course is required of all majors and teaching minors, and is strongly recommended for students who wish to improve their grammar and writing skills at the advanced level. Prerequisites: SPA-250 and SPA-280, or equivalent. WRITD, Spring semester, even years.

344Special Topics in Spanish(1 course, 1 course) Topic varies yearly. Course content will vary and will explore a topic or problem in depth through reading, discussion, and writing. Prerequisites: SPA-320, SPA-321, SPA-322, and SPA-323. Spring semester, odd years.

370Applied Linguistics(1 course) This course provides students with phonetic, phonological, morphological, and syntactic aspects of the Spanish language in its synchronic and diachronic contexts. Since the course is particularly targeted to teaching majors, special attention is given to discussion of patterns of errors, and potential linguistic problems with which non-native speakers of Spanish are faced. Evaluation includes exercises based on television broadcasts, readings from diverse sources, quizzes, a short research paper, and a final exam. The course is taught in Spanish with a minimum use of English. Required of all majors and teaching minors. Prerequisite: SPA-280. Fall semester.

375Women Writers in Spanish(1 course) Women have long contributed to the wealth of literary production in the Spanish language. This course profiles the writings of women from different parts of the Hispanic world and may include issues of gender, race, and ethnicity. Prerequisites: SPA-250 and SPA-280. Fall semester, even years.

390Film in Spanish(1 course) This course introduces students to important developments in cinema in the Spanish-speaking cultures. Different types of film are shown and analyzed from various perspectives. All films, discussion, and written assignments are in Spanish. Prerequisites: SPA-250 and SPA-280. Spring semester, odd years.

291, 391Independent Study(Course value to be determined) Independent study project and a scholarly paper. Prerequisite: A minimum of three courses in Spanish literature or permission of the instructor.