Neuroscience Minor

Academic Catalog 2010–2011

The neuroscience revolution was triggered by the realization that the best hope for understanding the workings of the brain would come from an interdisciplinary approach. Students are encouraged to understand and appreciate all levels of study of the nervous system from molecules to behavior and thought. The curriculum emphasizes mechanistic explanations of mental activity and aims to show the links to other sciences as well as arts and philosophy. The participating faculty members are from two departments and the program is designed to attract and to be accessible to students from across the campus. Interested students should contact Professor Michael Ferragamo in Biology or Professor Janine Wotton in Psychology. Please see the Biology and Psychology sections of this catalog for descriptions of the courses listed below.

Requirements for Minor:

Six courses, including

  • BIO-101Principles of Biology
  • BIO-102Organismal Biology or PSY-100General Psychology
  • BIO-384Neurobiology
  • PSY-260Introduction to Neuroscience
  • PSY-345Neuroscience Seminar
  • PSY-385Neuroscience Capstone