Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies

Academic Catalog 2010–2011

  • Nancy Hanway, Program Director

The Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies (LALACS) Program offers an interdisciplinary concentration that joins students and faculty in a meaningful study of the Americas. As its name suggests, this is an inclusive program that combines area studies in Latin America and the Caribbean with recognition of the growing cultural plurality of the United States—diversity that is increasingly evident in Minnesota and the Gustavus community.

The LALACS minor offers students the opportunity to study the Americas across a wide spectrum of the humanities and the social sciences through a variety of geographical and cultural emphases. It also offers students the technical tools needed for in-depth experiential learning through language courses and cultural immersion in study abroad programs in Latin America and the Caribbean. A unique aspect of the program is the exploration of historical and cultural ties to the countries of the Iberian Peninsula.

Requirements for the Minor: Minimum 6 courses, including:

  1. SPA-200, Intermediate Spanish, or above or FRE-202, Intermediate French II, or above.
  2. HIS-160, Introduction to Latin America.
  3. Four courses from three departments, selected from the approved list below:
    • ART-265Maya and Mexican Art and Archaeology
    • FRE-364Francophone African/Caribbean Literatures and Cultures
    • GEG-233Central America/Caribbean
    • HIS-261Colonial Latin America
    • HIS-262Argentina
    • HIS-263Cuba
    • HIS-264The Mexican Revolution
    • HIS-265Mexican American History
    • HIS-361Latin America and the United States
    • HIS-362The Age of Conquest
    • POL-230Latin American Politics
    • REL-273Religion and Politics in Latin America
    • REL-383Liberation Struggles In the 2/3 World
    • REL-293God and Globalization
    • SPA-280Intro to Literature in Spanish
    • SPA-320Spanish American Culture
    • SPA-322Masterworks of Spanish American Literature
    • SPA-375Women Writers in Spanish
    • SPA-390Film in Spanish
    • S/A-243Globalization
    • S/A-258African Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean
    • T/D-265Performance in the Americas the Caribbean