Diversity Awareness SurveyDepartment of Education


Rating Scale:

  • 5 = Keen insights and deep understanding (can provide five or more examples and evidence of use)
  • 4 = Proficiency in this area (can provide three or four examples and evidence of use)
  • 3 = Adequate understanding and skill in this area (can provide a sample or two and evidence of use)
  • 2 = Emerging proficiency in this area (can provide an example but have no evidence of use)
  • 1 = Little or no proficiency in this area (cannot provide example or evidence of use)


Please circle the number that currently corresponds to your level of expertise. Provide evidence (experience to justify your circled answer) in the space below each area.

Statement 1 Required Ability to resource relevant visual examples of cultural diversity.

Statement 2 Required Ability to use flexible grouping to support diverse students learning.

Statement 3 Required Ability to select and implement print and media resources that represent diverse cultures and perspectives within the curriculum.

Statement 4 Required Ability to gather data about students and student learning then vary lessons in ways that support the learning of diverse students.

Statement 5 Required Ability to engage all students in the learning by using a variety of methods that address diverse learning needs.

Statement 6 Required Ability to provide a range of assessments that give all students the opportunity to demonstrate what they know and can do.

Statement 7 Required Ability to involve family/community from diverse backgrounds in student learning and classroom experiences.

Statement 8 Required Ability to generate and implement equitable standards of classroom behavior?that take into consideration the culture background and experiences of diverse learning.

Statement 9 Required Ability to articulate personal philosophy and beliefs regarding diversity and describe how this impacts my teaching.

Statement 10 Required Ability to demonstrate a commitment to on going learning regarding the needs of diverse learners. ( workshops/seminars/classes/subscriptions)

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