FYRE Program Alumni

Where are they now?

We'll be posting stories about the great things FYRE alumi have gone on to do here. Stay tuned...

FYRE Alumnus FYRE Year Faculty Mentor Project Title Major Post-Gustavus Training Current Position Feedback on the FYRE Program
Spencer Bonnerup   2009 Dr. Amanda Nienow          
 Steve Groskretuz 2009  Dr. Dwight Stoll  Development of Heartcutting Three-Dimensional High Performance Liquid Chromatography for Trace Analysis of Triclosan and Related Compounds in River Water  Chemistry Graduate School in Chemistry  Graduate Student, University of Pittsburgh  Read More...
 Ben Johnson-Tesch 2009 Dr. Brenda Kelly     Medical School, University of Minnesota    
Audrey Messelt   2009  Dr. Scott Bur          
Jeff Rossow 2009 Dr. John Lammert          
Xiu Xiao 2009 Dr. Jeff Dahlseid          
Noel Amborn 2010 Dr. Karla Marz          
Keisha Bates 2010            
Alex Chubick 2010 Dr. Karla Marz          
Dawn Comstock 2010 Dr. Kimberly Murphy          
Ian Gibbs-Hall 2010 Dr. Dwight Stoll          
Jaji Zainab 2010 Dr. Brandy Russell          
Laura Leland 2010 Dr. Jeff Dahlseid          
Steven Lundberg 2010            
Audrey Messelt 2010 Dr. Scott Bur          
Megan Crow 2011 Dr. Amanda Nienow          
Mariecus Jarvis 2011 Dr. Karla Marz          
Johnny Lane 2011            
Elliot Larson 2011 Dr. Dwight Stoll          
Daniel Marino 2011 Dr. Jeff Jeremiason          
Hannan Mir 2011 Dr. Julie Bartley          
Carl Schiltz 2011 Dr. Jeff Dahlseid          
Mark Snider 2011            
Michael Sterling 2011 Dr. Scott Bur          
Megan Crow 2012 Dr. Amanda Nienow          
Grant Fitzgerald 2012 Dr. Jessie Petricka          
Anna Huff 2012 Dr. Steve Miller          
Michelle Hulke 2012 Dr. Jon Grinnell          
Kory Kolis 2012 Dr. Jeff Dahlseid          
Paige Miller 2012 Dr. Margaret Bloch-Qazi          
Penny Poeschl 2012 Dr. Margaret Block-Qazi          
Mengyuan Sun 2012 Dr. Jon Grinnell          
John Danforth 2013 Dr. Dwight Stoll          
Eric Hanson 2013 Dr. Jessie Petricka