Graduate Studies in Religion

Selected Seminaries, Divinity Schools, and Graduate Schools

Listed below are selected programs for graduate study in religion. There is a key at the bottom of the page for denominational affiliation and degrees. Important to note is that many programs offer degrees in various specializations; for example, the Master of Arts degree (M.A.) is often offered in certain areas, such as church history, Eastern religions, languages, or theology. Additionally, one program's definition of a degree may not necessarily be equivalent to another's. Please visit individual program websites for complete information.

Program Degrees Offered

Andover Newton Theological Seminary (ABC and UCC)

210 Herrick Road
Newton Centre, MA 02459
(617) 964-1100 or (800) 964-ANTS
M.Div., M.A., S.T.M., D.Min.

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary (PCUSA)

100 E. 27th Street
Austin, Texas 78705
(512) 472-6736
M.Div., M.A.T.S., D.Min.

Bethel Seminary of the East (BGC)

1605 North Limekiln Pike
Dresher, PA 19025
(215) 641-4801 or (888) The East

Bethel Seminary of San Diego (BGC)

6116 Arosa Street
San Diego, CA 92115
(619) 582-8188 or (800) 255-8706
M.Div., M.A.T.S., M.A.C.E., M.A.M.F.T., D.Min.

Bethel Seminary of St. Paul (BGC)

3949 Bethel Drive
St. Paul, MN 55112
(651) 638-6180 or (800) 255-8706
M.Div., M.A.T.S., M.A.C.E., M.A.M.F.T., M.A.C.T., D.Min.

Candler School of Theology (UMC)

Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322
(404) 727-6326
M.Div, M.T.S., Th.M., Th.D.

Catholic University of America School of Religious Studies (Roman Catholic)

Caldwell Hall, The Catholic University of America
Washington, DC 20064
(202) 319-5683
See website.

Claremont School of Theology (UMC)

1325 N. College Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 626-3521
M.Div., M.A., D.Min., Ph.D.

Columbia Theological Seminary (PCUSA)

701 Columbia Drive
Decatur, Georgia 30030
(404) 378-8821
M.Div., M.A.T.S., Th.M., D.Min., Th.D.

Concordia Seminary (LCMS)

801 DeMun Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63105
(314) 505-7000
M.Div., D.Min.

Concordia Theological Seminary (LCMS)

6600 North Clinton Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46825
(219) 452-2100
M.Div., S.T.M., D.Min., Ph.D.

Duke Divinity School (UMC)

Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-3400
M.Div., M.C.M., M.T.S., Th.M.
Duke University Department of Religion
118 Gray Building, Box 90964
Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-3510
Ph.D., M.A.

Emory University's Graduate Division for Religion

S214 Callaway Center
Atlanta, Georgia 30322
(404) 727-6333

Fuller Theological Seminary (Nondenominational)

135 N. Oakland Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91182
(800) 235-2222
M.Div., M.A.C.L., M.A.T., M.A., D.Min., Ph.D., Th.M., Psy.D., M.S.M.F.T, D.Miss.

George W. Truett Theological Seminary (Baptist)

Baylor University
P.O. Box 97126
Waco, Texas 76798
(800) BAYLOR-U
M.Div., M.Div./M.M., M.Div./M.S.W., D.Min.

Graduate Theological Union (Nondenominational)

2400 Ridge Road
Berkely, CA 94709
(510) 649-2400 or (800) 826-4488
Ph.D., Th.D., M.A., M.A.B.L.

Harvard Divinity School (Nondenominational)

45 Francis Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
(617) 495-5761
M.Div., M.T.S., Th.M., Th.D.

Louisville Seminary (PCUSA)

1044 Alta Vista Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40205
(800) 264-1839
M.A., M.Div., D.Min., Th.M., dual degrees

Luther Seminary (ELCA)

2481 Como Avenue W.
St. Paul, MN 55108
(651) 641-3456
M.Div., M.A., M.S.M., M.S.W./M.A., M.S.W./M.Div., M.Th., Ph.D., D.Min.

Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (ELCA)

1100 E. 55th Street
Chicago, IL 60615
(773) 753-0700
M.A., M.Div., Th.M., D.Min., Ph.D.

Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg (ELCA)

61 Seminary Ridge
Gettysburg, PA 17325-1795
(717) 334-6286 or (800) M-LUTHER
S.T.M., M.Div., M.A., M.A.R.

Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (ELCA)

7301 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19119
(215) 248-4616 or (800) 286-4616
S.T.M., M.A.R., D.Min., M.Div.

Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary (ELCA)

4201 N. Main Street
Columbia, SC 29203
(803) 786-5150 or (800) 804-5233
M.Div., M.A.R., S.T.M., D.Min.

McCormick Theological Seminary (PCUSA)

5555 South Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637-1692
(773) 947-6300
M.A.T.S., M.Div., D.Min.

Notre Dame Department of Theology (Roman Catholic)

130 Malloy Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556
(574) 631-7811
Ph.D., M.T.S., M.Div., M.A.

Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary (ELCA)

2770 Marin Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94708-1597
(510) 524-5264 or (800) 235-PLTS
M.A., M.Div.

Princeton Theological Seminary (PCUSA)

P.O. Box 821
Princeton, NJ 08542-0803
(609) 497-7805 or (800) 622-6767
Th.M., M.A., M.Div., Ph.D., D.Min.

Princeton University Department of Religion

1879 Hall
Princeton, NJ 08544-1006
(609) 258-4482

San Francisco Theological Seminary (PCUSA)

2 Kensington Road
San Anselmo, CA 94960
(800) 447-8820
M.Div., M.A.T.S., D.Min., M.A., Th.D., Ph.D.

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBC)

2825 Lexington Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40280
(502) 897-4011 or (800) 626-5525
M.A., M.Div., D.Min., Ph.D., Ed.D., Th.M.
Stanford University Department of Religious Studies
Building 70
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-2165
(650) 723-3322
M.A., Ph.D.

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (EFCA)

2065 Half Day Road
Deerfield, IL 60015
(847) 945-8800 or (800) 345-8337
M.A.R., M.A., M.Div., Th.M., D.Min., Ph.D.

Trinity Lutheran Seminary (ELCA)

2199 E. Main Street
Columbus, OH 43209
(614) 235-4136
M.Div., M.T.S., M.A., S.T.M.

Union Theological Seminary (Nondenominational)

3041 Broadway at 121st Street
New York, NY 10027
(212) 662-7100
M.Div., M.Div./M.S.W., M.A., S.T.M., Ph.D.

Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education (PCUSA)

3401 Brook Road
Richmond, VA 23227
(804) 355-0671 or (800) 229-2990
M.Div., M.A.C.E., M.A.T.S., M.A.C.E./M.Div., M.S.C.J./M.Div., M.A.C.E./M.S.W.,
D.Min., Ph.D., Ed.D., Th.M.

United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities (UCC)

3000 Fifth Street NW
New Brighton, Minnesota 55112
(651) 633-4311 or (800) 937-1316
M.Div., M.A., D.Min.
University of California Santa Barbara
Graduate Division, University of California
3117 Cheadle Hall
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2070
(805) 893-2277
M.A., Ph.D.

University of Chicago Divinity School

1028 E. 58th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
(773) 702-8200
A.M., A.M.R.S., Ph.D., M.Div.

University of Iowa School of Religion

314 Gilmore Hall
Iowa City, IA 52242
(319) 335-2164
M.A., Ph.D.

Vanderbilt Divinity School (Methodist)

The Office of Admissions, Room 118
Nashville, TN 37240
(615) 343-3963
M.T.S., M.Div., M.A., Ph.D.

Wartburg Theological Seminary (ELCA)

333 Wartburg Place P.O. Box 5004
Dubuque, IA 52004-5004
(319) 589-0200 or (800) 225-5987
M.Div., M.A., S.T.M.

Yale University Department of Religious Studies

451 College Street
P.O. Box 208287
New Haven, CT 06520
(203) 432-0828

Yale University Divinity School (Nondenominational)

Yale University Divinity School
409 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 432-5303
M.A.R., M.Div., S.T.M.

Complete Seminary Lists

Key to Denominational Affiliations
Abbreviation Denomination
ABC American Baptist Churches
BGC Baptist General Conference
EFCA Evangelical Free Church of America
ELCA Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
LCMS Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
PCUSA Presbyterian Church (USA)
SBC Southern Baptist Convention
UCC United Churches in Christ
UMC United Methodist Church
Key to Degrees
Abbreviation Degree
A.M. Master of Arts in Divinity
A.M.R.S. Master of Arts in Religious Studies
D.Min. Doctor of Ministry
D.Miss. Doctor of Missiology
Ed.D. Doctor of Education
M.A. Master of Arts
M.A.B.L. Master of Arts in Biblical Languages
M.A.C.E. Master of Arts in Christian Education
M.A.C.L. Master of Arts in Christian Leadership
M.A.C.T. Master of Arts in Christian Thought
M.A.R. Master of Arts in Religion
M.A.T. Master of Arts in Theology
M.A.T.S. Master of Arts in Theological Studies
M.A.M.F.T. Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy
M.C.M. Master in Church Ministries
M.Div. Master of Divinity
M.M. Master of Music
M.S.C.J. Master of Science in Criminal Justice
M.S.M. Master of Sacred Music
M.S.M.F.T. Master of Science in Marital and Family Therapy
M.S.W. Master of Social Work
M.T.S. Master of Theological Studies
M.Th. Master of Theology
Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy
S.T.M. Master of Sacred Theology
Th.D. Doctor of Theology
Th.M. Master of Theology